No More Stolen Sisters

May 5 marks Red Dress day in Canada, a day of remembrance for the 1200+ missing

and murdered indigenous women, girls and two spirit individuals across the 


Beginning over 12 years ago, the iniative  was born out of Métis artist Jaime

Black’s REDress art installation wherein hundreds of red dresses were displayed in

public spaces to raise awareness for the missing women.

The colour red was chosen based on the traditional knowledge that it is the only 

colour spirits can see and it is used as a means of calling the spirits of these lost 

loved ones home.  In line with Black's vision, every year red dresses and ribbons are 

hung nationwide in remembrance of these women and to symbolize what has been

declared an ongoing genocide.

Let us pray.

Creator God, we come to you with humility, courage, respect, and honesty as we seek to right the
wrongs done to Indigenous women and girls, and to members of the 2-Spirit-plus community, the First
Nations, Inuit and Métis people of Turtle Island. We seek truth. We listen to the stories of family and friends who have lost a beloved grandmother,
mother, daughter, auntie, sister, cousin, friend. Help us to face this difficult truth and to make much
needed change.
We seek love. We pray for all who lives have been impacted by this trauma of death and disappearance.
We seek honesty. May those with information about these murdered and missing women and girls have
courage to come forward.
We seek wisdom. May our leaders and police continue to lead and search with speed and compassion,
love, and concern.
We pray for healing. May those impacted by these murders and disappearances, as well as those who
face bigotry and violence, continue to hold their loved ones in care and love. May our hurting nation
seek to offer support, generosity, and love to all affected by these tragic losses. May we seek to listen to
stories, to look at photos, and to offer our resolve.
We ask for courage. For all families and friends who offer testimony, stories, tears, and anger. For
those who continue to search. For the First Nations, Inuit and Métis people of Turtle Island who fear for
the women and girls of their communities. For our nation as we face the ugly truth before us. For the
Christian Churches of Canada to be people who follow the example of Jesus by welcoming all and
offering peace, love, and friendship always.
We seek to be welcoming. For all people, regardless of their race, culture, orientation, beliefs, or any
other category we place one another into, may we be kind, friendly, accepting of differences, and loving
to all your peoples.
Creator God, you are present within us and all around us. Bring about a change in our collective hearts
that transforms fear into hope, apathy into genuine concern, tragedy into a transformed society. Help
us to hold Indigenous women and girls, and all easily exploited and ignored people, in our care.
Be with us, Creator God, as we do the difficult work of righting the wrongs done. Give us courage, give
us honesty, make us humble, open our hearts to love more fully.

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Effective immediately, capacity limits have been lifted for churches.   Registration is no longer required for any of our services, seating charts are no longer needed, all of our pews are open, and entry and exit from the church will be through the main wooden doors.

Greeters and ushers will once again be at the back of the church: in the main doors and in the Narthex.  However,  offering plates will continue to be left in the Narthex, and communion will be picked up from tables at the back of the sanctuary.